Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A sunny funny "N" day!

We started off the day kicking balls in the meadow in the sun.  Some of the kids were balancing and playing with the stepping cups.  During circle time we read about birds and their nests.  We  spoke at length about the birds coming back because it is spring!  Then it was time to explore!

The yellow group began their hike by exploring the area by the stream and trying to slide down a tree trunk.  It didn't really slide anymore since all of the moss has been rubbed off!  Then we hiked till we found a newly fallen tree.  It was really interesting to see the inside of the tree and smell the fresh pine scent of the wood.  We decided to have snack there and then spent a lot of time climbing and walking down the long logs. 

The blue group did such a long hike that Luca's legs got all tired out!  As they walked they found a fishing hole.  Teacher Jen was able to produce out of her magical backpack enough string for 2 fishing poles which the kids shared.  They had so much fun that they barely made it back in time for lunch!

At lunch it was time to celebrate Jayden's birthdday with a fun Dr. Suess book about reptiles and a yummy, gummy treat.  Thanks Jayden!

News:  Today is the first day you can sign up for the fall.  I understand there are already a number of people signed up.  Don't miss your chance to be in TOP next year!
Redmond Parks and Recreation

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