Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ladybug' spots and molehills!

Teacher Jen and the kids checking out how much water is in the stream today.

We only had 8 kids today-lots of winter sickness out there-so we stayed as a big group and hiked all over the park. We are thrilled at how strong the kids are now.  They are able and happy to hike longer distances than previously and also are ready to explore new spots in the woods.

We began the day talking about the letter "L".  We colored Ladybug and Leaf pictures and then spent a long time working on our math skills using a ladybug and her spots.  The kids did very well counting up to 10 and even learning some subtraction skills.

Then we walked over to the nest the kids created out on the lawn.  When we were out there we noticed that the mole hills looked like ladybug spots!  So we counted them and talked about how moles make their hills!  We ended up jumping from mole hill to mole hill, counting as we went.

Soon it was snack time in the woods with 2 stories about bears and other animals.  The kids were really working on their balancing skills by walking on logs and jumping from bench to bench.  The TOP kids large motor skills have come a long way since the beginning of school!

We still had a long hike ahead of us and we played hide and seek along the way.  Everyone wanted to keep going but it was time to head back for lunch.  We decided that Thursday we will hike to a new destination...Juel Park!

Heads up:  This Thursday is the last day of this session.  We will be welcoming 2 new students to our school next week. 
Also-TOP will be closed for the weeks of March 28-April 8th for Teacher Ann and Teacher Jen to have spring break with their families.

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