Thursday, March 24, 2011

N is for Nest and Nice day!

The Yellow troup made a round nest and pretended to be baby birds-here they are asleep!

The yellow group "caught" fish and then "cooked" them on a stump for dinner!

What a great day today!  We began the day in the meadow making a pattern with our pennies-yellow, blue, yellow, blue.  We will be continuing to teach patterns in different ways.  You can work on patterns at home too.  We will be practicing with using nature items to make patterns-such as pinecone, stick, pinecone, stick.  This is an important pre-kindergarten concept.

Yellow group today began by making a giant nest and pretending to be baby birds.  The mama bird (teacher Ann) brought pretend worms, bugs and berries to the baby birds to feed them.  Then they learned how to fly by running around the nest and eventually made their own nests and had their own families.  The kids really enjoyed pretending to be birds!  Then we stopped at our favorite fishing hole and everyone caught fish and then "cooked" them up on a stump.  After we pretended to eat the fish we had snack and stories in the woods.

The blue group went on a great hike today.  At each trail sign they stopped and looked for "N"'s.  Teacher Jen was so proud that the group could hike so far and get along together so well! 

We were able to eat lunch in the sun again today.  Yippee! 

Remember that there is no TOP until April 12th so Teachers Jen and Ann can have spring break with their families.  Have fun in the sun!  (or rain!) 

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