Thursday, March 17, 2011

Marbles and the Sun!

Today was sunny enough to have a picnic out by the tire swings.  So we loaded up the wagon and took turns pulling it out to meadow and the sun.  It was so lovely to be warm that we swang and hunted for treasures in the sand for quite a while.  Some of the kids sorted their beads by colors while others made castles and streams in the pebbles.

After lunch under the big trees, we went to see how the streams were doing.  Some of the kids lined up to throw rocks into the stream and watch them splash.  Blue group got to pull the wagon back to the preschool pick up spot while yellow group walked across the meadow.  I forgot to mention that we played with marbles while the group gathered at the beginning of class. 

Next week is "N" week.  We will be teaching the kids about Nettles.  What other "N" words can they think of?

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