Thursday, March 10, 2011

A sunny balmy March day!

What a surprise after the huge rain yesterday to have sunny and balmy weather!  We decided that today was a perfect day to use the wagon and pull it into the woods for a picnic lunch.  Everyone was very excited to take their turn to pull the wagon and later to help push.  It was great cooperative play, working together to pull and push the wagon over rocks and branches on the trail.  Some people walked ahead and moved out debris to make way for our wagon. 

This was our longest hike ever!  You might have sleepy  kids tonight!  We walked all the way over to Juel Park and saw the beginning of their garden there.  We talked about the compost pile we saw next to the garden beds and what that was for.  During lunch we talked about all of the animals that live in the woods and how that is their home, even though we can't see them.  We listened closely to the sounds in the woods.  We heard frogs croaking,  the wind in the trees and some of us heard a woodpecker.  We read a funny story about mice called Morace Horace but mostly Delores.

Today was the last day of this session.  Tuesday we will be welcoming 2 new students.  It will be fun to show our new students how TOP works! 

Remember that we will have 2 more weeks of preschool and then 2 weeks off for spring break. Those dates are:
March 28-April 7th for days off of preschool.  We'll be back on April 12th ready for spring!

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