Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"M" is for the many things a mole does!

This week is "M" week.  We started by reading about moles.  Last week we looked closely at the molehills so today we took out shovels and rakes and went poking and digging about into the molehills.  We found some worms, grass roots and mole holes.  It was fun to dig down deep and move the dirt around.

We were happy to greet our new TOP students, Jakey and Luca.  They were quickly integrated into the yellow and blue groups and were soon happily digging and running along with the other TOP kids.  We split up into color groups for our hikes.  The yellow group showed Jakey the fun of walking on the logs and jumping off.  This is great for balance, strength and ....fun!  The blue group hiked to a special spot under the trees where there are logs across the stream.  They watched how quickly the fast flowing stream took their wood chips down the current. 

Next fall TOP Program:
Some of you are asking about next year.  TOP will operate on the same schedule next year.
Sign ups begin on March 22nd-at that time sign up is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!
There is no priority for past TOP kids for next year.  But since this date is not publicized anywhere-you should have no problem getting into next year's class.
You could sign up online after midnight or call the front desk at 8am March 22nd, 2011.

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