Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Water, water everywhere...

The theme today was water.  We began by singing our TOP song and talking about where water comes from.   After that we were on the hunt for frozen, running and falling water.  We found mud at one of our favorite climbing spaces and a bit of snow where the snowman had once stood. Both were made with some type of water.  Since the sun was shining we were able to go out and investigate the tall grasses and in there we found a stream that we had never seen before.  We talked about why there would be a stream this time of year.  (Lots of extra rain and snow) and then we followed along the stream, through the wet grasses, as far as we could.  We were careful not to throw anything into the stream to make it more shallow.

We also found ice crystals growing in the mud around the mole hills.  Some kids investigated what would happen if we put ice crystals in our hands.  (it melted)  After that we still had time to play on the tire swings and to look for jewels in the gravel.  Lunch came after and the reading of a book on penguins. 

We'll continue to learn about how penguins live in Antartica and what they do to survive.

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