Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A new TOP session and a new friend!

We started the year with snow on the ground and temperatures in the upper 20's.  But this didn't bother the TOP kids at all! We began by greeting our new TOP member, Jason.  Everyone was able to say their own name loudly and clearly as a welcome.   Then we went over to visit the "baby" pigs or piglets.  They are really big now! Everyone enjoyed seeing the rabbits, goats, chickens, turkeys and sheep as well.  The kids were a little worried about Daisy the cow because her water was frozen solid!  I'm sure that Farmer Pam will take care of that. 

Then we went on a hike to see if some of the puddles had frozen over.  We ended up playing on the giant fallen tree for the whole rest of the class!

Teacher Jen and I are both so impressed by how much the children have advanced since the beginning of the year.  Today the children were playing with their friends at school, many at imaginative play.  There was a group building a "fire" to roast marshmallows.  There was one child with a magic wand and many children asking each other if they could play together.  The children found that climbing on a fallen tree is challenging and fun!  Many scraped the snow off the tree and had it fall on those of us below creating "snow".  Some kids were using the log as a balance beam.  All the children were working on their large motor skills.

Studies have found that children who have good large motor skills (full body movements) are better able to learn and master fine motor skills (i.e. writing with a pencil.)  Another area that The Outdoor Preschool help your child to excel

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