Thursday, January 6, 2011

Old snow, rushing streams and new friends!

We have another new student today.  That gives TOP three girls!  Yeah! Today we welcomed our new students and practiced names and the guidelines for staying safe.  Everyone did really well with remembering and following directions. 

We began with a hike to our new favorite spot at the meeting of 2 streams.  The children were very happy to put sticks and leaves into the stream and watch them flow downstream.  Some of the sticks got stuck and we discussed the reasons why it might do that.  Some flowed easily downstream and we discussed why that might have happened too. After climing on the branches and up into the tree trunk it was soon time for lunch.  During lunch Teacher Ann read a very funny book about a Dog, a boy and a frog.  The kids were laughing really hard about the frog jumping around.

We still had some time to go and dig in the woods with small shovels.  Some of the kids made a "chocolate cake" and some made just chocolate and some just dug into the dirt.  But everyone got good and muddy!

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