Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Climbing a tree, fishing in a stream and look for "D" words!

Today was the 3rd week of the new session.  Last week we began going through the alphabet-without the vowels.  Words that begin with vowels are difficult for children to pick out, so we are going through the alphabet, one week at a time, while leaving out the vowels. This week the letter is D.  We began the day drawing on a picture of a donkey.  Then we got to go out and see the donkey, Eeyore.  Eeyore was very accommodating-he hee hawed for us and came up and said hello to the kids. 

We began something else new this week.  We are going out in our separate color groups.  Yello with Teacher Ann and blue with Teacher Jen.  The groups each went their own way for part of the day and then we met up at the tire swings after the groups had either pretended to fish in the stream, make a campfire stomp in puddles, climb a moss covered tree or pretend to be deer and lions in the grass.  You can ask your child which activitiy they did!

We ended the day with lunch in our color groups and painting a picture of a duck (another D word!)  We will continue with D this week and then move on to F next week.

The kids often get hot while walking and playing so we are constantly taking off and putting back on layers, gloves, hats etc.  Please label your child's clothing as much as possible so we can determine who belongs to what.  Thanks!

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