Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fun on the Run!

Today we continued with the letter D.  We read a funny book about ducks before hiking with our color groups.  As teachers we have found that we can explain the science in the woods more easily while we have our smaller groups.  The Yellow group spent a great deal of time watching the farm animals in the barn.  Two roosters were crowing back and forth and one of the piglets was snorting and grunting.  The goats were very friendly today also.  Perhaps they remember that we feed them sometimes!  Our group also hiked through a muddy field to a long trail through the woods. 

The Blue group began in the field of mud also and spent time crossing the streams and watching the water flow.  Then the two groups were able to meet up on the trail and have snack and a story by the big, downed tree.  (see photo)

We ended the day with lunch and watching Bubbles the Cat climb up the wall! 

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