Friday, January 28, 2011

Duck Mosaics and Fishing Poles!

We started Thursday with duck mosaics.  It was fun to glue on the tissue paper and watch the duck grow "feathers!"  We split up yellow and blue for our hiking exploration, all the while looking for the perfect place to find sticks and make fishing poles.  Yellow ended up going to a new stream created by the high water, out by the tall grass.  The kids really concentrated on finding the right fishing place and pretending to catch fish.  We "fished" for a long time in the grass before trying our luck in another of our favorite stream hideouts.  We had a mini-science lesson as well about salmon and salmon eggs and fingerlings and how they could be in the stream right now.

The blue group hiked up over the bridge and found a spot newly created by the park district.  The maintenance crew are in the process of making an outdoor classroom (of course, our TOP classroom is the entire forest and farm) complete with benches made out of fallen logs.  I'm sure our TOP kids will be enjoying this area soon!  Then the blue group found a fishing hole in an area the kids call the "slide".  There is a steep slope with only dirt on it that runs down to a bend in the stream.  There the kids like to sit and slide down the dirt/mud.  This is good clean fun!

During lunch we read some classed fish books:  Swimmy and The Rainbow Fish. If you don't have these books-they are great to take out of the library.

F was a very fun letter.  Next week we'll be talking about G.  You can talk about F and G words during the weekend-help us out and have the kids bring in ideas of what in nature begins with G!

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