Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Valentine Hunt

  We started the day making Valentine Bird Feeders.  A way for the kids to say "I love you!" to the birds. After watching the backhoe take out the stump of the Big Maple Leaf Tree and singing our TOP song we were off on a special heart hunt!
The yellow group got to start by dropping hearts along the trail and the blue group had to figure out where we were going by following the hearts.  The yellow group led everyone right to our new secret spot.  They weren't far behind us.  It was so exciting listening to them get closer and closer in the woods!  When the blue group arrived they were happy to climb up onto the big log and find a place to have snack and listen to the story.  The Littlest Owl [Book]

A Fun story time!

 On the way back down the hill, the blue group led the way for the yellow group.  After lunch the kids who brought valentines shared them.  It was an exciting day for all.
A TOP update:  The local schools have varying vacations this week and next.  TOP does not have any days off this month.
We will be taking 2 weeks off in April to accommodate both Teacher Jen and Teacher Ann's kid's vacation weeks. 

If you have any friends who would like to come and check out The Outdoor Preschool,  there is an upcoming Open House March 3rd from 11-12pm at Farrel-McWhirter.
They can sign up at online:
Under Preschool..The Outdoor Preschool...Open House.

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