Thursday, February 16, 2012

Patterns, a Plane and Beads!

Yellow Group lining up to take a turn in the "cockpit" on the log.

We began the day playing with some awesome magnet blocks that Teacher Jen brought from home.  They were 4 different colors and this led to a lesson on patterns.  The kids each got a turn adding on the next 1,2 or 3 blocks to the pattern.  They were very perceptive and did well with the pattern ideas.

When it was yellow's turn to hike, Theo led the way to a place he remembered was fun to play.  We hadn't been there for quite awhile.  It was a favorite spot last year with a tree slide and climbing stump.  We were there a bit before we found another awesome tree that had a "cockpit" in it!  The tree has a split that the kids can climb up into and sit in.  They were pretending to be in a plane.  Everyone fit in once they made room for each other  Everyone was welcome to play. 

I am proud that the TOP kids include everyone.  Many children at this age are exclusive and will tell another child right to their face "I don't want to play with you."  But we have worked hard to get the kids to be inclusive rather than exclusive.  I was so proud of the kids on Tuesday who said to Nicholas when he arrived late "Nicholas-we missed you!"  What a nice welcome!

Climbing through the branches.

 Next we headed to a special spot for some bead hunting and playing of hide the bead.  I called out "you're getting warm" or "you are getting hot"  so they could find the hidden beads. The kids had to climb the tree and dig in the soil.  They all found lots of beads and took them home.  You may want to check in pockets for a cup full of beads before you throw that jacket in the wash!

Searching for beads on the ground.

TOP Alert!!!!!
It is time to sign up for the spring semester of TOP. You can call the main office at Redmond Parks and Recreation 425-556-2300 or go down to the desk to sign up.  After March 6th anyone can sign up for the The Outdoor Preschool.  If you know anyone who might be interested you can have them come to the Open House March 3rd at 11am at Farrel-McWhirter Park.

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