Thursday, February 9, 2012

The ABC's of Nature

 We had such fun today with the new ABC blocks!  The kids began by building with them and then we spelled out the alphabet together.  After we sang the alphabet song, we played a game where we removed a letter or two and everyone had to guess which ones were missing. Everyone participated in figuring out which letters were gone.  We had such fun that we had to insure the kids that we will play this game again soon!
 After a rendition of "The TOP Song"  we were off on our explorations.  The yellow group first went and inspected what is left of the big leaf maple tree.  We remembered playing on the tree roots and how fun that was.  On our hike into the woods we played on the see saw, ran down the trail, and then found a new hidden spot to play in.  We can't wait to show the blue group this new fallen tree with an area to sit under, crawl through and climb on.
 The blue group enjoyed looking for treasure and pretending to fish in the stream.  Then a long hike followed where we all ended up together where the stream meets Mackey Creek.  There Teacher Ann got out a bag of ice and we got to throw the ice cubes into the water and watch them melt, float, get stuck in the current or get carried down the creek.  Everyone excitedly lined up for their handful of ice. 
 Next Tuesday is Valentines Day.  If you would like to bring in cards for all 12 of the children in the class you are welcome to do that.  Please don't put any names except your child's name, on the cards so they are easier to pass out.  Please don't add candy to the cards.  We will be creating a valentine for the birds for each child to

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