Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Deer Prints, Boot Prints and Body Prints!

Kids making chalk footsteps.

TOP kids tracing Teacher Ann!

Blue group's fireplace.

Today we started out by making deer prints with carved potatoes.  The kids really enjoyed making deer prints that pranced across their papers.The sun was shining on the pavement and the kids had loads of fun drawing and playing with chalk.  Some kids thought it would be fun to draw on our boots with chalk.  Then Henry said "Let's play tic-tac-toe on your toe!"  So for a while we played tic-tac-toe on our boots! Some kids were laying on the bricks soaking in the vitamin D.  So we drew around their bodies and saw how big they were.  Then they drew around the teacher's bodies!  Then the kids put chalk on the bottom of their boots and jumped around making prints on the pavement.  That is 3 different ways to demonstrate shapes:  Deer prints, boot prints and body prints!

The blue group was off to a favorite spot to build a huge "campfire" together.  The yellow group was off on a hike and then ended up stomping through the mud. We made deer prints in the mud with the potatoes and almost lost Noah's boot in the mud!

At TOP we'll continue to talk about what plants the deer like to eat in the woods and look for animal prints around the park.  You can help by pointing out footprints at home or on the sidewalk. 

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