Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Legos to the woods!

We began the day with legos and blocks.  The kids were very intent on their building and exploring with the building tools. Then we were off into the rain forest-with the rain pouring down.  We found really full streams-higher then we have ever seen!  It was fun to poke into the water with sticks, pretending to fish and watching the sticks float away. 

The yellow group found an cool place to have snack where they could climb on the logs.  We sang "Five little speckled frogs" while the kids sat up on the tilted log.

The blue group hiked to one of our favorite spots by the creek.  All the rain has made the creek very full and it was flowing so fast and making "really big" noise like a "volcano".  We had to be very careful not to get too close because it was rushing so fast.  We wished for ice cubes to throw into the water.

On the way back we all ran through the big puddles and got really wet.  Some people wanted to pour the water out of their boots!  Luckily it wasn't too cold and everyone had big smiles on their faces at the end of the day.  Oh yeah-and Max brought in a treat for his half-birthday. Thanks Max and Happy Half-a-Birthday to you!

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