Thursday, April 28, 2011

Big Strides for Small People

Helping each other up a tree stump.
Teacher Jen says: I am so proud of the TOP kids!  Today while while we were hiking we stopped to explore on a hill.  We only had a few spoons and one magnifying glass and everyone did such a great job sharing and taking turns.  I heard.."Can I use that when you are done?". "May I use that next?". "Can I dig with you?".   And that was only the blue group!  The yellow group were extraordinary in their ability to climb together on a huge fallen tree.  Kids were saying "excuse me" to get by each other and helping each other if they were stuck.  One child gave suggestions to how to get down from a high place by saying,  "sit down then turn around and come down on your tummy. "

The kids are working so well together.  They take turns and chat while they play with toys.  Their ability to be aware of where they are in space (not pushing or knocking into each other) has grown dramatically.  They are able to pick up sticks and play with them without hitting anyone. We are so proud of the TOP kids accomplishments---You should be too!


  1. What a great endorsement for TOP, I have found we have less squabbles when outdoors and am glad others find that too.

  2. Sorry what is TOP? I am working in early childhood in Australia. I have linked to your site (which is great and i have just discovered) as I am interested in outdoor activities.