Sunday, April 24, 2011

Out on the old wagon trail!

Fern fronds unfurling in the spring;  This is how they look through a magnifying glass.

This last thursday was so beautiful that we loaded up the wagon and went on a search for the perfect picnic spot.  The Yellow group got to pull the wagon to Juel Park and the Blue group pulled on the return trip.  Along the way we ran into a elementary school group reenacting a wagon train!  The girls were dressed in prairie dresses and the boys had hats on.  We had to wait till they crossed our trail in order to continue to Juel Park. 

When we got to our wooded destination, each child got to use a magnifying glass.  The kids looked closely at fern fronds just unfurling, mushrooms and moss and lichen. We read a special book while eating lunch next to a stream in the woods.  The Tiny Seed follows a special seed from a flower as it sails on the wind.  The children listened closely to the tale as they ate lunch.
The Tiny Seed [Book]
Eric Carle's creative book about seeds and how they are spread around the world.

We are happy with the children's response to our new guidelines for school. 
We have told them that it is everyone's job at school to do your best at joining in on the group activities.
One of these activities is singing.  Everyone is supposed to do their best at singing while we are in circle time.  Since we have started this concept, many more of the children are joining in and doing the hand motions and lifting their beautiful voices in song.  We have been praising them for singing along.

We also have a song for crossing the street.  It goes:
Look to the left, Look to the right, listen with your ears, is it alright?
We sing this while we hold hands and look left and right -then ask each other if it is safe to cross. 

Hope your Easter/Passover/Spring weekend was lovely.  The weather certainly cooperated on Saturday!

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