Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Partners in digging!

TOP Kids happily digging and making dirt castles by the big tree.

Today we worked in pairs and groups to fill up buckets with dirt.  The kids could choose where to dig in the meadow.  Some chose mole hills and others chose the dirt by the big tree.  While they dug in the earth you could hear them speaking to each other and helping each other out.  We had fun tipping the full buckets over to make castles of the dirt.  Of course, we ended the fun by filling back in the holes we had dug so we didn't impact nature.

There was only time for a quick hike through the woods.  During the hike we climbed over logs, lay down on the bridge and observed the different sized rocks in the stream and slid down the mud slide. 

Back again to our picnic tables, now in the sun (yippee!) we finished lunch in time to make a face on a paper cup and then fill it with dirt and grass seed so we can watch the cup's hair grow!  We suggest spraying the grass every day or so-but not pouring water into the dirt.  We are looking forward to hearing about how the grass is growing at home!

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