Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kittens, a slug and a trillium flower!

TOP kids looking at a very tall trillium flower.

The farm has 2 new kittens and today we got to all pet them them!  During our TOP circle we spent a long time taking turns talking about how to handle a kitten.  Everyone had good ideas of how to be with the animals.  "Don't talk loud."  "Don't kick them."  "Be nice to them."  "Don't run around."  Everyone got a chance to say their idea.  After we sang our TOP song we lined our boots up at the Ops building and quietly went in to meet the kittens. Two kids decided that they didn't want to pet the kittens so they sat a few feet away from the circle.  Everyone else was quiet and still, sitting cross-legged on the floor and patiently waited their turn to pet a kitten.  Jen and I were so impressed that the children were able to wait as we went from child to child with the kittens.   For those children un-used to cats, we taught them how to pet from the head to the tail.   We also let the kittens roam the room a bit.  The kids really enjoyed watching where the kittens went.  No one jumped up to follow them.  Afterwards the kids put on their boots and we had a yummy snack in the sun outside along with a fun book about kittens.

The yellow group today went to explore the tall grass.  We crossed 2 small streams while the grass sometimes went over the kids heads!  On the way back there were great puddles to jump in.  The kids asked each other if they wanted to be splashed before making lots of waves. 

The blue group was facinated today by a slug that was crossing the path.  They decided to try an experiment with the slug. They put a pinecone in its way to see if it would go around the pinecone or over it.  After a very long time, the slug went over the pinecone.  Wow!  The kids also carefully looked at a trillium flower they found in the forest.  They are so pretty with their 3 leaves and 3 petals.

Next week is "R" week.  We will be making "roads"  and possibly "roaring" like a lion!

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