Thursday, April 14, 2011

P is for Puddles!

Checking out the fun patterns the overflowing stream makes!
Today we continued with our "P" week by visiting the pig and all of the other animals in the barn.  Daisy the Cow was very excited to see us and moo-ed very loudly!  (Her food was coming right behind us-so that MAY have been the reason!)  We saw 3 eggs in the chicken coop and learned that the sow was going to go visit another farm today and we were going to get a different pregnant sow back.  We can't wait to find out when there will be piglets to watch!

We celebrated Theo's birthday today with a very funny book called Gruffalo.    We all enjoyed the story together in the meadow while the sky threatened to rain.  Thank you Theo for the yummy, gummy treats for after class!
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Next we were off hiking within our color groups.
The blue group found a flooded path and investigated areas where the creek overflowed its banks onto the foot path.  Everyone was very interested in the paths the water took when it left the stream.  Of course, we splashed in the great puddles!

The yellow group hiked a long way until we found the perfect spot for stories and snack.  Along the way we saw a beautiful white trillium flower, lichen,  ferns unfolding
and small purple flowers.  In our secret place the kids hunted for beads among the moss and grass. 

At lunch we began our Earth Day project of  making Bird Feeders with pinecones.  They will come home on Tuesday.

Next week we will be focusing on Earth Day and what we can do to help the environment.  You can talk with your child about ideas that they can share with the class during circle time next week. 

PS  After having 2 weeks off from TOP we have found that many kids have forgotten some of the TOP concepts.  We will be working on these in the upcoming weeks.  Your kids have not heard the condensed version I have here.  But this is how it will go:

1. Be Nice to your friends at preschool. (no bad words or hard touches)
2. Be Safe  (listen to what the teacher says - remember the hiking rules for TOP)
3. Be Loving to nature. (don't pick plants that are living-be quiet around animals)

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