Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Muddy waters = Hot Chocolate!

Pretend play with plastic animals.

Our intent today was to take the kids back to the mud pit so they could all experience it. Us teachers designed the day to end up there right before lunch because of the intense hand cleaning required after the mud play. So we began with wagon rides, pretend play with plastic animals and a new pretend play. This is how it went: The kids were gathered around a small, deep puddle. A couple of kids had sticks and were poking the water. Some were throwing in pebbles. I decided to see what would happen if I instigated pretend play. I said that I thought the water in the puddle looked like hot chocolate and could I have some? I offered a “cup” of “hot chocolate” around to each child (more kids began to gather around at this point. ) We were all “mmm-that’s good!” and I blew on the hot chocolate to say mine was a little hot! As the kids kept stirring the water I said if you stir it quickly the bubbles look like it is boiling! We had a good time pretending together. I intend to watch on Thursday to see if the puddle continues to be a bubbling pot of something!

Everyone was willing to splash and even fall into the mud.

During circle time we have started learning a new song. The song goes along with one of our winter themes of where do animals live in the winter?
The kids know some of the hand signs now and they are beginning to learn the words. We’ve had talks about actually putting our head in an animal’s home and whether that was a good idea. They all agree that it isn’t!

The Little Skunk's Hole

Tune: Dixie
Written By: Unknown
Copyright Unknown

Well, I stuck my head
In a little skunk's hole
And the little skunk said,
"Well, bless my soul!
Take it out! Take it out!
Take it out! Remove it!"

Well, I didn't take it out
And the little skunk said
"If you don't take it out,
You'll wish you had,
Take it out! Take it out!"
PSHHHH! I removed it!

We went on a fairly long hike today and it was kind of a long way for some of the new kids. I heard “Teacher Ann! I don’t want to walk anymore!” But then we were distracted by the other group and ran to catch up with them. Some of the same slow pokes ended up running up and down a particularly steep part of the trail as a fun activity that Matilda came up with! New fast friends are being developed and kids are getting stronger with their hiking.

After the fun on the steep hill we took a little rest on the trail-literally on the trail since everyone was pooped. But no one was cold! All of that good running warms you up! Just in time to go wading in the mud and water spot. Everyone went into the mud. Everyone was willing to try it out. Kids learned how to wiggle their boot to get out of the mud. And 3 kids stayed an extra 10 minutes in the mud because it was just too good to leave.

The three who didn't want to leave the mud pit.

It was a really fun day at TOP today. I hope your muddy child was a happy one too!

Copy write 1/29/13

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