Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mud and Ice!

We had a busy day today-there was so much to see and do! We began with magnifying glasses out in the meadow. There are lots of mole hills out there and they all were frozen solid! Many of the kids kicked them and remarked at how hard they were. We were on our bellies checking out the crystals of frozen water on each blade of grass and on the dirt. This gave an opportunity to talk about the different phases of water. Liquid, solid, gas. I don't expect the kids to remember the terms but it is an introduction to concepts that we can build on. And we are learning while we can actually see and feel the science! At lunch we continued the lesson by blowing out steam from our mouths-it was really cold for lunch...

We also found an animal hole and decided to see how far we could push a stick into it. We measured the stick with our hands and then put in the stick. Then we could put that measure up to the ground to see how far it went in. This is a math lesson-length and measuring.

On our hike today we went to a place where the stream breaks free of its banks and runs down a former path at the farm. There was really good mud and ice there. We found some ice that looked like glass and mud that was "like quicksand."
Tina wanted to carry some home-We had to have a discussion about what might happen to it if we put it into Teacher Jen's pocket! I think it made it to mom to show her. We had to eat lunch with one mitten on for warmth. The kids with hand warmers were very glad to have them. If this weather continues, you may want to invest in hand warmers. Thank you for sending extra mittens as you can see the mud was very intriguing today!

FYI for Parents-
Sign ups for the next session will begin on February 20th. Students already in TOP will have 2 weeks before the general public can register. To register in February-call the front desk 425-556-2300. You won't be able to register online till TOP is open to everyone.

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