Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm in the mud!

Ooh it was another chilly day in the Northwest. But with all of our good clothes and warmers in our mittens we were ok! The kids were excited to see that there were some new cars to play with in the rocks and that the stilts were out. Many of the kids took turns learning how to walk on the stilts. During circle time we discussed where animals lived during the winter. The kids had lots of good ideas: bears had caves, mice had holes. We agreed to look for different animals homes on our hike.

The hike began across the stream where I heard someone remark that there wasn't much water in the stream. Good time for a science lesson. Why isn't there much water in the stream?

Soon we were headed off trail-it wasn't planned but everyone was game for a new way to go through the woods. We climbed over many big downed trees. Bo noticed that "someone has been eating this tree." See the photo above.

Since it was going to be the last day for a while with predicted dry weather-we went back and got the wagon to bring out to the meadow. The kids worked together to push and pull the wagon. Sometimes it was quite hard work-like when we went over the grass-but everyone pitched in.

We also had new spoons for the kids to dig with. There were so many mole hills in the field that everyone got a chance to dig. There was a big discussion going on with the right way to dig and where to dig.

We had a little triumph on Tuesday with one little guy who arrived at TOP not liking to get dirty-deciding to walk right into the mud and exclaim "Look Teacher Jen! I'm in the mud!"

FYI Parents:
Early registration for the next session will begin o Feb 20th. Put this date on your calendar.
And if you have any friends who are thinking of TOP for next year-they can come to the TOP Open House on March 6th.
They can register on the Parks and Recreation website for the open house. Class #45364

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