Thursday, January 31, 2013

Make Way for TOP Ducklings!

The kids have been having a blast playing in the morning. They gleefully choose to pull the wagon or ride. To play in the puddle or practice walking on stilts. They choose something challenging, entering a game they are unfamiliar with or something they know-hot o pull a friend in the wagon. But every one is so engaged and concentrating on how to play the game. This is what learning looks like at this age.
AFter a quick circle time, we got into a duck line and quacked our way over to the barn. We were so lucky today to have Farmer Tom show us "Lily" the goat. He had her on a leash so we could all pet her and really look closely at her hooves and coat. She lives outside so she has a warm coat. Her kids were bleating at her through the fence but she was very nice to us. Then we went an got out Peter the Rabbit, who kindly let us pet his very soft fur. The chickens scattered when we went into their house. Everyone got some COB (corn, oats and barley mix) to throw to the chickens. We are so fortunate to have the farm as part of our preschool. The animals are chosen to be especially easy with children-and they were!
We had a big wash up to do after feeding and petting the animals so we just sat down and had an early lunch. We read a fun book: Make Way for Ducklings.
in anticipation of walking through water later in the day.

On our hike today, the blues found the stream had overflowed its bank in a new way and the kids were facinated by the water and high grass.

The yellows hiked back behind the parking lot and played baby bird and mama bird on the hill of gravel. Everyone opened wide for a worm and the kids took turns pretending to be the mama bird. Guess who got to be the grandma bird? (Ok-I did!)

On the hike back, the yellows waved at Logan's baby brother and tried to teach him how to hike with TOP. He didn't know that you should stop at the signs and not run into the farm road. But the kids did and told him so!

See you next week!

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