Monday, November 12, 2012

TOP is tops!

It was a busy day at TOP. The kids began the day by playing a field game of brooms and balls. A game some of them picked up quickly and others weren't interested in. Since it was sunny out (yeah!) we also got out the chalk and the kids gradually shifted over to drawing on the pavement. We put all of the lunches into the wagon and chose to have lunch out in the back meadow.
Since we are talking about the senses, we have been spending time seeing, hearing, smelling and touching.
We have a new song we are learning about the senses. (Its a new song to me too-since my husband and I just finished it!)
You can see if the kids know some of it at home. We will be practicing it every day for the next week.

Sense 5 Senses

Can you make sense of the 5 Senses?
It’s easy as your ABCs
Can you make sense of the 5 Senses?
Just sing along with me.

1- I SEE you with my eyes (1 finger points to your eyes)

2- I can SMELL the air outside (Peace sign in an arch from nose)

3- I HEAR the words we sing (3 fingers point to ears)

4- I TASTE most everything (4 fingers point to stuck out tongue)

5- I bend and TOUCH the ground) (High 5 the ground)

The 5 senses help me get around……(turn around)
Can you make sense of the 5 Senses?
It’s easy as your ABCs
Can you make sense of the 5 Senses?
Just sing along with me.

(repeat hand gestures)

1- See

2- Smell

3- Hear

4- Taste

5- Touch (clap)

The 5 senses help me get around……(turn around)
c 2012 Tiny Treks

On our hikes the yellow group went the back way, around the parking lot, that they had explored on Tuesday. We found a big hole under a tree that according to the kids had "eyes" in it. I didn't get to see the "eyes" but I believe the kids may have seen an animal in there. Mountain Beaver perhaps? Raccoon? I'm not sure but I know that kids have great eyes...and imaginations, so who knows?
When we got to the designated meeting place for lunch, we "saw" the wagon but no kids. So we went exploring by the stream instead. The carpet of Big Leaf Maple leaves in there was resplendent! The kids tried floating 1 leaf at a time down the stream and watching where it went.

Blue group went "off trail" exploring and ended up in unfamiliar territory. They had to use their ears and eyes to choose the right trail back to our lunch spot. They were successful! Lunch in the sun under the maple tree was yummy!

Thanks for packing such healthy lunches for your active child. The kids need your good lunches after their physical excursions at the farm.

This is a quick reminder that we DO NOT have preschool the week of Thanksgiving. That way-anyone who needs to travel for the holiday doesn't miss school. After that we have 2 more weeks of preschool before the winter holiday. Wow! This fall session is going so fast! Sign ups for next session will begin the week of Thanksgiving. That way you can have 2 weeks before TOP registration is open to the public. You will always have that extra time to get your child registered for the next TOP session. I will let you know the exact date soon. You will need to call the front desk at Redmond Parks and Recreation to register.

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