Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Freeze!" the game-not the weather!

We had fun with a visitor at TOP on Tuesday.  Teacher Ann was sick on Tuesday so we had a visit from Teacher Tami and all the kids did a fabulous job showing Teacher Tami all the TOP rules.  


We started out playing the "Freeze" game.  We all start out near each other and someone takes a turn yelling "Go" and then we run and dance around until the same person yells, "Freeze!"   Then it's time for everyone to hold really still.  A lot of kids like to freeze in silly poses.  By the time everyone had a turn to yell out commands we toasty warm and ready to sit down for circle time.  During circle time we continued to talk about our 5 senses and how we would use our senses on our walk in the woods.


We went on a long walk and found a great spot to have snack and play for awhile and then we set out to finish our hike and head back for lunch.  We were about to head out when we realized that Jayden's mitten was missing so we decided to head back the way we came and use our sense of sight to hunt for the missing mitten.  Unfortunately, we did not find the missing mitten. :(   It wasn't quite lunch time and several kids wanted to go check the pumpkins since we hadn't done so recently.  We only had time to visit one pumpkin and the "blue group" pumpkin was closest so off we went.  Many kids were fascinated to see how much our pumpkin had changed.  It really is starting to decompose and looked very slimy.  


Before we knew it, it was time to head back for lunch in the sun.  Many kids were quite warm after our fast paced hike and stripped of some layers while sitting in the warm sun.  After lunch we had time for a very quick turn on the swings and then it was time to head back to see moms and dads.


Thank you all for dressing your children in lots of layers and sending hats and gloves.  Please remember to put names or initials on all coats, hats and mittens.  Many of the black gloves all look the same when they are stuffed into our backpacks and fingers start to get cold.  Feel free to send your kiddos with hand warmers in their pockets on the really chilly mornings.  Sometimes they don't want to wear their gloves, but are happy to carry handwarmers while we hike.  (Teacher Ann and I always have some in our pockets for sharing, too).


Teacher Ann will be out again tomorrow, but a new friend Teacher Rhonda will be at TOP.


Don't forget the last day of this session is next Thursday.  All parents (grandparents...) are invited to come at 12:15 for a snack and to watch the kids perform 2 songs.  Bring your cameras, we've been practicing smiling for you!


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