Sunday, November 18, 2012

Can you make sense of the 5 senses?


Since it was a clear, cold and sunny day, we headed out to the otherside of the park-in search of leaves to rake and a picnic in the meadow. Those rakes were heavy and the wheelbarrow awkward, but the kids worked together and cooperated to help push it all the way! Some kids had fun throwing leaves and Jake even made a leaf hat!
Can you play horsie with us?
The Meadow was lacking in leaves but the kids weren't lacking in imagination. The rakes became horses to ride or a way to make patterns on the grass. For snack time we were deep in the woods-climbing and exploring around ferns and over and under logs.

Our books continue to be about the senses. What do you hear? The waterfalling over rocks in the stream? A crow? What does the forest smell like? We'll continue with our senses until winter break.

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