Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Butters" the snake comes for a visit!

Today we continued with our “sensory” lessons. This led us to a guest visitor-a snake named "Butters!" Our substitute teacher, Teacher Rhonda, brought in her pet snake. Butters is a Yellow Corn Snake and very tame. Every child in class was brave enough to touch the snake and many even put it around their shoulders! The kids were asked if Butters felt the same or different –comparing the "feel" or "touch" of a snake to cats or dogs.
The kids also learned about snakes.

Teacher Rhonda asked the kids what "What does a snake eat?"

Here were their responses:

mouse, birds, butterflies, snake food, grass, butterflies,dirt, food, dirt and melons!

Then we found out from Teacher Rhonda what her pet snake Butter actually eats: mice that she keeps in the freezer! When the mouse is all defrosted her snake eats the whole mouse in one giant bite!!!

Soon it was time to head down the trail and hike over to the Secret Grove for snack and stories. We read a “Sensory” Book about touch. Soft, hard, rough, smooth-lots of good words and descriptions for the sense of "touch".

After snack the kids decided to go hunt for ythe ellow group’s pumpkin. The kids used their maps in their heads to find the pumpkin and climbed off the trail to see it –there it was. Right where they had left it almost a month ago. It was really squishy and black. The kids were proud of themselves that they could find both of the pumpkins, even though they were well hidden!

After lunch some of the kids played in the field while others took the time to get to know butters a little bit more.

Thanks for bringing him to visit us Teacher Rhonda!

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