Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hunting for our hidden pumpkins!

Yellow group finds a big pile of leaves!

Kids digging in an old stump.
We were blessed today with sunny skies.  We started by learning a new song during circle time.  It is sung to the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus."

The leaves on the trees are falling down, falling down, falling down.
The leaves on the trees are falling down all over town.

The leaves on the trees turn yellow and red, yellow and red,yellow and red.
The leaves on the trees turn yellow and red all over town.

The people at home, rake the leaves, rake the leaves,rake the leaves.
The people at home, rake the leaves, all over town.

You can sing this with your child.  Ask them to teach you the hand signs!

The blue group hiked across one bridge, down a sidewalk, took a path on the left up a hill, past several stumps and around a big turn to find our pumpkin.  Boy were we surprised to discover that someone had found our pumpkin and moved it!  After a quick picture we buried him in leaves behind a log. Then we had fun digging in an old rotting stump.

The yellow group tried to catch leaves as they fell down from a beautiful yellow and red maple tree.  It was very challenging to catch leaves as they fell! We then began our walk in the woods and were quickly distracted by walking along downed trees and balancing.  We hiked up a hill, across a bridge, up another long hill, down a hill and past a few trails.  All of a sudden the kids ran ahead and had found the other pumpkin!  We had come at it in a completely different way-yet they found it with no problem.  I asked them what made them recognize the place and they said "it was a 3 way (3 trails converged)"  "Was part of it the big stump?" I said.  And they said yes.

On the way back we found an enormous leaf pile and the kids had fun flopping in the leaves and having leaf fights.  You may find some leaves down the back of the neck tonight in the bath!

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