Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It was a day of 4's!

Kids looking for sticks in the leaves.

Figuring out how to climb the big logs.
The leaves are still falling so today we created beautiful leaf art by painting leaves and then pressing them down on paper-making leaf prints.  The kids were very creative in their artwork using varying colors and sometimes painting other pictures on the paper as well.  During circle time we practiced our fall song and spent time with math.   We often work math into the day; counting swing pushes, children, trees.  Today we counted how many students were missing (4).  Then we counted how many blue group kids there were. (4) and then how many yellow group kids (4)  This was amazing to many of the kids at school!  So many things added up to 4!  We also realized that we had many children aged 4 and some aged 3 or 5. How many were 3?  4 of them!  Wow!  Lots of 4's today!

Another math piece we have been working on is the concept of relative size.  Isaac realized that this tree was the same size he was.  A few classes ago the children had to find a leaf "as big as your head" or as small as your hand.  Again, learning math through nature.

On our hike the yellow group spent time in a favorite tree.  Then we were off to a sunny snack all together in the middle of a field.  Although it was bright out, we noticed bits of hail left over sitting on the table with us and hidden in the trees.  I wonder if this is a foreboding of the white stuff to come?

Next the children chose to continue their game from last week-baby deer making an outdoor firepit.  You can ask your children to explain the concept-but what it meant to us as teachers was children working together for the common cause.  For big pieces of wood 2-4 children would carefully carry it to the wood pile.  Smaller pieces were carried individually and some children called out for help for the really big sticks.  Some were too big for anyone to lift.  This cooperative play is a great step in socializing.  The children have to talk to each other as they weave their way over to the wood pile.  They have to ask each other for help and give help.  More and more the children are offering to help their friends get un-stuck or get into a tree.  It is wonderful to watch this bit of humanity that the children are displaying towards their classmates.

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