Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gobble Gobble!

The farm's pet turkey.

The yellow group watching the farmer take care of Sunny the sow.

Blue group observing how high the water has come during the storm.

We colored turkeys for gathering time today-then made special invitations for the parents.  During circle time we practiced our songs for the special parent's presentation next week.  Everyone was doing the hand motions and trying to sing along.  It is going to be fun to sing for parents and relatives at 1215pm on Thursday Dec 1st!

The yellow group went to visit the turkey first.  We honored him for this special holiday by gobbling at him and getting him to gobble back!  The farm’s pig was awake and let us pet her.  The goats were very friendly as well.  We also went into the chicken coop and found a freshly laid egg.  Oops!  We cracked the egg and then had a reason to talk about what is inside of an egg.  We opened the egg during snack time in the woods-and had a big discussion about eggs, cooked, raw and how you make a baby chick.  (If you weren’t sure…A rooster and a hen need to live in the same pen.  The rooster at the farm lives outside of the chicken coop and therefore there won't be a baby chicken inside of this egg.)  Whew! 

The blue group had a different agenda: Splashing and playing in the mud!  What a fun hike for the blue group today.  We headed over to Mackey Creek to see if all the heavy rain brought about any changes.  We noticed that the water was flowing much faster than it had been last week and we saw lots of bubbles and foam where the water was rushing over rocks.

We also went for a hike through though the woods and played a number matching memory game when we stopped on the path in the woods!

All in all, we had a great day with the mud, rain and stormy weather.  Everyone is being a trouper.  We spend a lot of time taking gloves on and off again but other than that-no one seemed to mind the cold.

See you next week and have a wonderful Thanksgiving-From Teacher Ann and Teacher Jen

Oh - and don't forget to sign up for next session.  Call the main office at 425-556-2300 and tell them you have special priority to sign up for TOP!

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