Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Little Red Wagon

Max and Henry pushing and pulling the wagon.

Leaf Angels in the path created by our kids.

We surprised the kids today with a special picnic along the trail.  We put all of the lunches in the wagon and each child got a turn to alternately pull or push the wagon.  The kids were very excited about the wagon and did well following the safely instructions we gave them.  We stopped only a few times along the way since we were headed a good distance over to Juel Park for our lunch stop. 

Along the way we found: a good climbing tree, people on horses and a decision to be made.   There was a choice of 3 different trails. We had to use our hearing, vision and memory in order to figure out which way we should go.  Some of the kids from last year used their memory; they remembered that one way had led us to tadpoles last year.  Other kids used their ears-listening to the road noise that seemed to come from one of the paths.  Teacher Jen remembered that there was mud along the other trail one time she was there.  We all agreed that we wanted to go the way we knew-which led us to a marvelously sunny spot for lunch and a wonderful stream and woods combo!

When we arrived in the woods, one child laid down in the middle of the leaf strewn path and made leaf angels!  Soon there were copiers making their own angels-angels made by TOP angels!  When we got to the stream, kids were pretend fishing, squishing in the mud and running up and down the stream banks.  No one was ready to leave - but we still had a long hike back to our parent meeting spot. Our happy campers moved a bit slower on the way back, but I think all would agree it was worth the hike!

Parents: We have 3 more days of TOP for this session.  Please remember to sign up for next session before it goes public in December.  You just have to call the front desk of Redmond Parks and Recreation and sign up over the phone. Sign ups for children already in TOP begin November 22nd.

"Little Red Wagon " song by Raffi

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