Thursday, May 5, 2011

Who is leading whom?

Luca and Jakey as partners in exploration.

Teacher Jen is an awesome reader during snack.

The TOP kids had such fun on Tuesday that we decided to have each group lead the other group to their favorite spot.  The yellow group got to go first.  They remembered the tall grass and mud we were in on Tuesday so we hiked over there.  Then each child got to choose a partner from the other group to lead.
The yellow group took turns choosing a friend and then walking with that friend into the grass.  The kids were very attentive to explaining what was special about that place to their partner.  It was exciting to get to show the other group our special spot from Tuesday.

Then the blue group led us to their nature finds from Tuesday.  We wondered if we would fine a slug like they did and also if the trillium flower would remain where it was.  It wasn't long before we indeed did spy the tall trillium flower in all of its glory.  The next spot they wanted to show us was where the slug had been.  Alas, he had slimed away.  At that time we told the children to say good bye to their partners and we split up for a final walk with our smaller groups.  The yellow group found 5 slugs on their walk back and the blue group hiked for a long time before coming back to lunch.  We read a good book on how to be around friends called the Recess Queen-this was for our "Q" day!

We were so proud of the kids for doing so well with their partners.  It was also interesting to watch them choose to partner with kids we wouldn't have expected.  I think they enjoyed choosing their own friends and taking turns being in charge.  This is a good leadership lesson for them.  Some of them had to walk slower than they liked because their friends were slower and others had to speed up.  But taking the time to think of someone besides themselves is a good reaching goal for them.

The Recess Queen

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