Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An "S" day! Stomping, squishing and sloshing in the mud!

What a fantastic day.  This week we are learning about the letter "S" and started out on our hikes looking for slugs, snails and spiderwebs.  As it turned out we had much more fun splashing, squishing and stomping in small streams and mud.

We started out the day singing the TOP song for Teacher Tami and then reviewing the TOP hiking and friendship rules before heading out on the trails.

The blue group hiked over to a giant puddled that is surrounded by rocks that are just the right size for throwing.

Today fourchildren in the blue group all wanted to be the "leader" on our hike.  At first they decided to take turns leading and following, but then on their own decided to hold hands and all be leaders together.  They even sang a song, "We are the leaders!".   The rest of the kids decided to be the "caboose" and gathered flowers along the way.

The yellow group hiked with Teacher Tami, squished in the mud, gathered lovely bouquets of flowers and played a rousing game of hide-and-seek.

I am so proud of all your children - they have been working so hard to take turns, be good friends, be kind to nature and each other.  What a great group of kids we have here at TOP.

As the weather (attempts) to warm up it is really important to dress the kids in layers.  When we are in the sun or hiking they get hot quickly, but often get chilly just as quickly once we head into the shaded forest.  A few of the kids have brought small backpacks to help carry discarded layers  - if your child has one please feel free to send it (no need to buy one if you don't already have one, though).  

Teacher Tami will be here again on Thursday and then Teacher Ann will return on Tuesday.

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