Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stream + Sticks = Science Experiment

What happens when you put 12 little children into a stream area? They make up games and try out experiments. As one of the teachers, I wondered outloud what would happen if I floated a stick downstream. How big would it be before it was too heavy to float? Would it float all the way from here to there? Pretty soon there were kids with little sticks and big sticks-doing a SCIENCE EXPERIMENT-all on their own.

Some of the little sticks disappeared downstream. Some of the big sticks sunk. Some got caught up on the sides. 

There were deep holes in the stream to watch out for and holes in the ground too. Some kids fell into the holes in the stream and some into the holes next to the stream. But everyone was ok.
Sometimes its just time to sit and watch. Especially after a boot has gotten so full of water that you can only dump the water out and squeeze out the socks.

Everyone was very excited to see that the stream wasn't overflowing its bank anymore-it was down to a managable size. But who knows how it will change with the next rain?

FYI-Please tell your friends that there is a TOP Open House on March 9th from 1030-1130am. The Open House is for new parents. We will have a mini-class so parents are encouraged to come and bring their child if they want. Sign up for the open house online at https://www2.redmond.gov/eConnect/Activities/ActivitiesAdvSearch.asp Class #45364.

Also-There are only 3 spaces left for the spring session of TOP. To sign up-call the main office - 425-556-2300 and if you are already enrolled they will sign your child up for spring. Class # 44030

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