Thursday, February 7, 2013

Karate Chopping the mud

It was an unexpected sunny day so we had fun digging in the puddles left behind by last nights rain and digging in the prodigious mole hills around the farm. We always spend time teaching the kids how to know where their body is in space, along with whatever tool they are using at the time. The kids learn pretty quickly how far away they need to stay from each other with their sticks and shovels and rarely are there issues with kids hitting each other. I'm not saying it never happens, but I think because we let the children use tools, it teaches them how to be safe with them-versus not letting them play with sticks. Is that clear as mud?

Speaking of mud-there has been so much of it around lately. The kids made up a game of "karate chopping" the mole hills with their shovels. In spite of playing right next to each other-no one was hurt.

We had snack together out in the meadow near the big tree. We read about animals that hibernate; bats, bees, earthworms, frogs and chipmunks. I didn't know all of this either! We found a curious inch worm on Conrad's collar and everyone got a good look at him.
The main activity today was that the blue group was going to take the yellow group to the flooded stream. The stream has over flowed its bank there and in between dried weed stalks the mud and water flow. After exploring for a few minutes the kids all decided they wanted to use their shovels there. So they ran back to the picnic table and each got a shovel. This was self-directed as each child looked up and decided, they too, wanted a shovel. There is a lot of good sand there deposited on the banks of the stream that was crying "dig me!"

Just about everyone managed to stay out of the really deep mud and not get water into their boots. The picnic table for lunch began in the sun, but the sun moves quickly during the winter and soon kids were in the shadow and asking for their mittens and hats again.

Looking forward to Valentines day next thursday! Please don't put names on the cards-the kids will each be able to hand out their cards-put one in every bag-but not if there are names on them! And please no candy! Thanks!

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  1. Hi-Ya! Thanks for a lovely post. Yes I get the karate chopping idea. It's great :)