Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Learning to share

Learning to share is a lifelong pursuit. It is very evident when children don't want to share-not so much with adults. We watch our children find a favorite game, toy, log and they say out loud "I don't want to give it to them." As the adults we stop and explain why they need to share. Why they need to help, give, hand over the object of their affection. And many times we can see that the child has seen that it is better to share. All of a suddent they aren't playing alone-but with a new friend.

As adults, no one tells us to share. We have to figure it out for ourselves that there are people who need and that we have an abundance. Is it time? Food? Clothing? What can we share with others that they need. As we raise our children we hope that we are teaching them to reach out to those in need. We tell them to "help your friend climb up beside you." We tell them to "make room for your friends." I guess when we hear that we should remain "childlike" this is what people mean. To remember the joy you can receive from others when you share your life with them.
There was a lot of new playing going on today. A game of "pass it to me!" was played with balls on the sidewalk and another sidewalk turned into a racecar track. Another child made the smallest hopscotch board with chalk. We had "soup" cooking in the favorite puddle and some working hard on decorating their valentine bags.
Snack ended up in the shelter as we had too much fun playing on the bricks. We read a favorite book "The Kissing Hand" to celebrate Valentines day. Also "If you give a Pig a Party" ; a very silly book indeed since we know what a pig is like and her name is Sunny!
The blue group found a new and unusual place to play near the stream. There was an exciting log to walk across with Teacher Jen's help and lots of splashing that went on right before lunch. The yellow group played baby birds in a boat and "floated" down a "stream" in search of fish to eat. When a cut log presented itself, Noah scrambled up on it and everyone wanted to follow suit. And that's when the lesson on sharing came into play!

Remember that thursday is Valentines and to bring enough for all 12 children. See you then!

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