Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Itsy Bitsy Spider!

A fun way to make spider webs pop is to spray them with water.  So-since it is spider season (lots of spiders in the woods) we went on a spider hunt.  Spider webs were hidden in stumps and on bushes. A big ENORMOUS spider watched us from the rafters of the picnic shelter while we read all about spiders.  Ask your child how many legs a spider has and he will make a spider with his fingers and no thumbs-yes eight is the correct answer!  And bugs only have 6.  An easy way to tell the difference.

There were some new puddles for us to splash in and everyone had on waterproof pants and their Bogg boots so we were ready for the rain!

Teacher Jen brought in some cool building blocks.  Many of the kids were spending time building together.  I overheard them asking if they could borrow a certain color or size of block.  The blocks come with cards to follow-so some of the kids were following directions while building.
Cooperation, sharing, turn taking, refining fine motor skills & following directions all disguised as play!

 On our hikes today the yellow group played pretend games in the holes of the trees.  Some were squirrels, flying squirrels, moles and a few were storm troopers.  We had climbers and we all had a long hike.
The blue group used their ears to follow he sounds of the yellow group until they found them. This reminded the kids of the book we read at snack time:  The Listening Walk.  We will be working on the kids senses throughout the year-so don't be surprised if your child makes you stop and listen closely to a sound they hear!


  1. I love watching how you spend your day Ann & am more than a little envious. I love the idea of making the spider with your fingers & thumbs. Kierna

  2. What fun! Nature is so important for the health and well-being of kids. Adults too!