Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Playing hide the pumpkin...

Teacher Ann got out a few handfuls of hay to feed the goats with.  Everyone was careful of their fingers.

The yellow group fed the goats and got to know the animals better.

Today was the day we promised to hide the pumpkins we carved last Thursday.  Each group took a pumpkin and began to walk into the woods.  The yellow group got a little distracted by a bleating goat and ended up feeding the goats some hay and listening to Sunny the Pig snort away.  Soon it was snack and story time. We read fun pumpkin books in the outdoor education area then explored the woods all around.  Pretty soon a spot was found for the yellow group's pumpkin.

The blue group hiked until they chose a perfect place.  Then hiked back out of the woods, popping out onto a different trail!  They came back and told the yellow group that there were two trails to get to their pumpkin!

On Thursday we will let the kids take each other to their pumpkins.  It will be fun to see who remembers where they hid their pumpkin. 

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