Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stop, Drop and Roll!

This week is Fire Prevention Week so its a great time to teach the kids about fire safety.  We don't have real fires here at TOP but we are really good at pretending.  We began by having everyone find 2 sticks.  Then we went looking for a safe place to have our pretend fire.  We decided that the grass wasn't a good place because the grass could catch on fire.  Then some kids thought of the dirt under the monkey tree.  But when we got there we decided that our beloved tree might catch fire.  Finally, someone pointed out an area of dirt with no trees near it or branches above it.  We discussed how using stones to surround a fire pit is a good idea but since there weren't any stones nearby that will have to wait for another day.  Some of the kids knew that leaves would be a good substitute for newspaper to start a fire.  So we began with dry leaves and then everyone put in the sticks they had gathered.  The kids were eager to talk about when they had experienced fires in their fireplaces at home or out camping.  As we spoke about fire safety we talked about having a pail of water near by,   calling 911 if there is a real fire and to never play in an old fire pit as it may still be hot.  Then we had some fun pretending to roast marshmallows and hot dogs.

After we stood up and sang the TOP song we practiced STOP< DROP AND ROLL.  The kids were very good at running around, stopping, dropping and rolling.  We continued to practice this throughout the class and will continue as the year goes on.

Stop, Drop and Roll!

Our hike today was to our "digging" spot out near the meadow.  The kids took turns pulling the wagon with our shovels and pails the whole way there.  Then it was snack and story time.  We read an important book about listening to your mom called Come Along Daisy. The book has some good lessons on not getting lost or separated. 

Then it was exploring and digging time.  The kids are starting to make friends and are beginning to play together.  Some of the boys found a new climbing spot and were supervised by Teacher Jen and others made ice cream or pizza (cups of dirt) for Teacher Ann to sample.

As always, Jen and I are ready to explain when kids have questions. This little guy was interested in the different leaves he found.  There is so much learning to happen in a classroom without walls!

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