Wednesday, May 30, 2012


"I'm an old man with a cane."
The theme today was sticks!  Well-it didn't start out that way-but after practicing for our "show" for the parents on Thursday, we told the kids that today they could choose a stick to walk with and then use it for "fishing". 

Usually sticks are verboten during our walks.  They are always allowed when we stop and play but as teachers we found that generally walking with sticks could be problematic.  And that running with sticks was a disaster!  The TOP  kids have learned to pick up sticks when we find a special place to play.  Now we find that kids rarely get bonked by other kids' sticks  The children are aware of where their stick is in space at all times.  They are taught to ask themselves- are you far enough away from others?  Have you left enough room to play with your stick so that no one gets hurt from it?  Are you using your stick in a safe way?

Just imagine all that playing with a stick can teach a child:  Be aware of your surroundings. Your actions do effect others.  Play is available at almost any time outside.  That imagination is fun to use and can keep us occupied!

"These are crutches."
The TOP kids know how to have fun!  The sticks became a "cane" for an old man, crutches for "broken legs" and then fishing poles-sometimes with lines attached on both ends of the stick!  The kids were so occupied with their fishing that they didn't want to leave for lunch. 

Isn't it wonderful that these children know how to have fun outside, with each other and just playing the way children have played for thousands upon thousands of years? You gave them that gift when you chose The Outdoor Preschool this year. Our hope is that it is a gift that will be imbedded in their soul for the rest of their lives. That a part of them will always know that there is peace and comfort in nature along with exploratory fun.

"We're catching fish!"
As the year comes to a close-Teacher Jen and I want to say again how grateful we are for our TOP parents!  You have been such a support to us;  offering help when needed and kind words of encouragement.  We have so enjoyed getting to know your children.  Don't be surprised if you see Jen and I saying goodbye with tears in our eyes.  I hope that you and your family have enjoyed being involved with TOP.  Thank you for giving us your children 2 days a week.  They have been a wonder and a joy to behold.  

Thursday May 31st is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! 
Please come at 10am and plan on staying the whole time if you can.  The kids will be taking you on a special hike in the forest and leading the way.  They are very proud of the fact that this is their woods and they know the way around all of the trails.  

You are welcome to bring grandparents, aunts, small children-whomever you would like to bring.
If you have someone who can only come to part of the day-have them come from 1130-1230pm.  At 1130am we will have tractor rides - at noon the kids will sing their 2 songs.  Then you can get out your packed lunch and we'll all eat together ending the day with Popsicles.

See you Thursday!


  1. Great post & I agree 100% if you actually allow children to have sticks & teach them how to 'use' them around others you rarely have any incidents. At the moment we have loads of short sticks in the playground & just added very long ones last week. They have become fishing poles, broom sticks, horses, flag poles etc. Have share this one on my facebook page.

  2. LOVE this post!!!!! (I hate to mention that "Nurture" is spelled wrong at the top of the page....but I have too...)

    1. thanks for noticing this! funny how I missed it...