Sunday, May 6, 2012

Germinating is a hoot!

Todays theme was seeds and growing. Teacher Jen helped each child plant a seed in a bag to take home and watch how it will grow. You can put the bags near a window or you can tape it into the window. If it looks like it is drying out-add a little bit of water. In about 4-7 days the beans should germinate. We are also sprouting some at TOP so we can look at them as a class and dissect them.

During our gathering time-the first 20-30 minutes of class-we often put out different tools for the kids to use. What is interesting is how they use them! Since they love digging into the mole holes-this time the broom handles helped them to get down to the tunnels the moles make. It was a creative use of the broom handles. They were careful not to damage the brooms and got to see where the critters live under the ground.
We had circle time under the monkey tree since it was raining. We impressed a visiting potential parent for the fall with the kids command of "our" songs and the way they took turns speaking about school.
We had a funny experience with snack today. The snack bags were mixed up in the teacher's packs (oops Teacher Ann!) and so the blue group came to find us on the trail. They had no problem following my text directions..."We are up where the kids played airplane on the rim trail." We hid behind the enormous nurse log to surprise them when they got there!
Snack Time and stories were enchanting for all as we were ready for a rest and a refreshment with our nature book.
On the way back, we decided to hike to where the Great Horned Owlet was spotted. We discussed what was the best way to hike around an owl would be. "Quietly!" "On tiptoes!" Said the kids. As we hiked slower than usual in order to be quiet the kids decided that they should hoot like owls to bring them to us. We didn't see the owls but the kids were so kind and loving to each other and the woods. Many of them walked holding hands, their friendships growing as the year comes to a close.
FYI TOP PARENTS! Please put on your calendar the last day of May. May 31st will be the end of the year picnic for The Outdoor Preschool. You can join us as we gather, hike and then have a tractor ride and a picnic. You can bring a lunch for you and your child. We will have popsickles for a treat. Your children will also have a little "show" for you with their spring songs. Hope you can make it!

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