Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Arts go marching one by one...

Watching ants
 It is amazing how long children can watch an animal.  Ruby and Tyler were fascinated by a stream of ants in the bricks while everyone around them played with water, chalk and paint brushes.  We started with chalk and a little bit of water in cups to "paint" with water or wet chalk.  But the demand for water was so high, and the weather so warm. that pretty soon everyone had a water bottle ready to be filled at the water jug or the hose.  Then it just became a line at the hose as excited children ran back and forth to their project with water.  The play and creativity went on and on  and we so rarely get a warm day, that we let it continue as our biggest experience for the day.  We watched new alliances being formed, new friendships as new ideas of how to use the water came up.
We played so long and hard that it was soon time for an early lunch on the grass.  The grass was dry, which almost never happens and we sat and listened to Daisy the Cow mooing and a very loud woodpecker peck in the trees behind us.  Teacher Ann read a story about a garden with a repeating line that by the end of the book everyone knew. 

Then it was time to plant.  Last week we prepped the hay bales for planting. Now we turned the hay bales into an herb garden.  We planted basil, rosemary and oregano.  Everyone enjoyed using their nose to sniff what each plant smelled like. We ended the day with everyone helping to clean up the shovels, dirt and weeds we pulled.  You should see how helpful your kids are!

It will be fun to watch our plants grow.  We will be taking turns watering the plants (as needed...)

Digging holes to plant in.

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