Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year TOP Kids!

The kids working together to carry branches.

Welcome back to TOP for a new year!  2012 is bound to be lots of fun for The Outdoor Preschool kids!  Today we met our new student, Nicholas.  Nicholas already knew Nina and Ruby from their previous school and Teacher Ann from Tiny Treks.  So it wasn't long before Nicholas was running ahead with his new friends and having fun in the woods.

Today by the "monkey tree" we played a little hide and seek, some "baby deer" games and some kids just played.  During circle time today we re-learned how to sit with quiet bodies while everyone shared about a special toy or experience from the holidays.

We will be working on learning some new songs this session.  Today we learned "If all of the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops."  We will continue to work on this funny song.  We also stood up and sang the TOP song together before we split off into our color groups for our hike.

The yellow group went out to a favorite special place where the big tree fell over.  We balanced on downed logs,  slogged through some puddles and scrambled over mud.  Uh-oh?!  What has happened to Nina's new mittens?  So back we went-unscrambling over the mud-back over the felled trees and all the way back to the monkey tree-where we found the missing glove.  Along the way, Henry waxed philosophical:  "Nina's glove is being very quiet."  Yes Henry-so quiet that we had quite a time finding it!

Teacher Jen's group went on a long hike through the woods and also found some hidden beads along the way.  You probably had some pretty tired TOP kids today as we get re-used to hiking and climbing.

What a fun time!  See you thursday!

Teachers Jen and Ann

PS We have an open spot at TOP.  Tell your friends!

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  1. Hey Ann, happy new year - it looks like everyone was delighted to back with their friends after the break. I thought that after 2 weeks I would have a few in tears this morning but no, everyone was just glad to see their friends again. Looking forward to following your adventures in 2012, Kierna