Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Holidays from TOP!

Kids making a new trail through the ferns.
Our last day of the fall session was cold and reminded us what the winter session might be like!  It will be very important in the coming winter to send your child with 2 layers under their waterproof pants, 2 sets of mittens or gloves (mittened hands stay warmer-an extra pair in case the first pair gets wet). A hat every day. Even if your child is warm blooded, please send these things so they have the option if they need them.  I see that almost every child has Bog boots.  This is great!  These are also essential for staying warm.  Warm, heavy socks in those boots are important too. For keeping your child's hands warm, you can purchase hand warmers at Costco in bulk.  These take up to 1/2 an hour to actually warm up-so please open them in the parking lot so when your child's hands are starting to get cold, they have their handwarmers.  I know this is a lot to think of, but at TOP we believe in the Scandinavian saying:  "There is no bad weather, only bad clothing!"
With the right clothing, we can stay out and play and not get uncomfortably cold!

"We want to go high!"
Yesterday the yellow group went off to see our pumpkin.  Ooh- it was squishy, and had black and white mold on it.  The top was having a hard time staying on. I wonder what it will look like after the holidays?  Two of the girlsboth wanted to explore new paths through the forest, so they took turns taking the group off trail.  One trail took us through the ferns.  Some of the kids got stuck, so a few of the adventurers went back to help those in the ferns.  Your children are really becoming guardians of each other.  It is a joy to see them help a friend down from a tree, or over a log.  They are very intent on their helping task and caring.

The blue group was on the run on the trails and many of the children got hot with the hike!  There was also some fun playing with fake bugs in the dirt.  Soon it was time for an early lunch and getting ready to sing for the parents.  The kids were very successful in lining up and doing the hand motions for our two songs.  Many of the children know the words (I'm thinking that some of the kids are singing these songs at home?)

We so appreciate your help and support for our outdoor program!

We look forward to seeing you after break!  Winter session begins January 3rd and Ends March 8th, 2012.  Have a Happy Holiday Season!

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