Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Old Farrel-McWhirter had a farm!

Today we started the day with sorting.  We were teaching the kids how animals can be sorted.  As teachers we worked with the children to figure out what animals, from the stack of plastic animals we lay in front of them, would live on a farm or be wild (or in a zoo).  The kids were very intent on this task.  For some of the animals there was a discussion about where the animal might fit.  It was very interesting for them when they realized that there were some animals that fit into both places-like a horse could be wild or on a farm.  Or a donkey.  And no one was really sure where to put a camel-Nina was sure though about where they lived and it was the desert!

Next we went and visited our farm animals.  There we talked again about which animals are farm animals.  Gilberto was very interested in talking about Broncos and how they were wild animals (and his favorite football team!)  We also went into the chicken coop to see if there were any eggs (1!) and to see their food, nests and water.  Sunny the pig's ear twitched when Ruby petted it!  During circle time almost everyone thought of an animal for the "Old MacDonald's Farm" song-we went through a lot of verses!

Max with a big stick.
On our hike today, yellow group was intent on working together to create a log pile.  I was impressed also when some of the kids picked up really long sticks-maybe 10 feet long-but were careful to keep them away from each other as they twirled and bobbed with the sticks. 

Blue group was really into hiking but staying off of the paths.  They also wanted to make sure that they came back for lunch AFTER the yellow group in order to show that they were harder hikers!  This is a contest I like!

We will be continuing to work on being able to sit still during circle time and the concepts of sorting and patterns (which we work on during circle time).  These are all preschool concepts that your child will learn OUTSIDE!

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