Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Celebration Day!

Today in our groups we worked with block shapes.  Everyone had to build the same tower the teacher built.  It was a challenge for some to figure out what shapes went where, but pretty soon everyone was building a robot or a ship or another shape the teacher had built.  This was a great exercise in shape recognition and following directions.  Next, everyone got to decorate a Valentine bags with stamps and markers.  We sat in a circle while each child who brought valentines went carefully around the group, dropping cards into each child's bag.  Don't worry if your child didn't bring valentines.  There were still plenty to go around.  I hope you had fun opening them with your child when they (or you) got home!

Then it was time for a hike!  We had been anticipating thunderstorms but instead it stayed mostly dry during our hike.  If we ever have thunderstorms while at preschool,  be assured that we will stay in the Ops building and be safe.  The kids had fun walking through the bumpy grass and swinging on the tire swings.  Then we went to one of our secret places for snack and stories.  We read The Kissing Hand because it was about love and hearts.  We ran the last part of our hike to warm up.  The yellow groups kid and surprised the blue group!  What fun!

Thursday we will be back talking about the letter "J".  J for jumping and jack rabbits! Jackalopes and jaguars!  Jason and Jayden.

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