Thursday, February 3, 2011

Let's feed the goats!

The "blue" group eating lunch with Teacher Jen

We are still on "g" week, so we colored a paper with a gggg-goat on it and glued on ggg-grass for it to eat!  Then it was time to talk about going to feed the goats and how we behave around the animals.  (ask your child to tell you how we behave around the animals...they know!)  We had a quick circle time and then took color turns going to get COB for the goats.    COB stands for Corn, Oats and Barley.  We got to look at all of the feed for the animals in the barn.  It was very interesting to open all of the different buckets of food for different animals.

Most of the kids went in with the goats-some stayed outside and looked through the fence.  It was the child's choice.  The goats were very excited to have us in there and fed out of our hands.  Next it was off to a hike.  The blue group went to a stream and played there.  The yellow group followed a new trail that had become a stream.  We read The Three Biilly Goats Gruff during snack and then had fun acting out the story on the bridge.

Next week is "H" week.  Help your child come up with words that begin with H!

Just so everyone is aware-we do have snack most days at preschool.  (sometimes we have lunch early instead)  Please bring a small healthy snack for your child,, label it and leave it for us next to the sign in sheet.  We will bring it in our backpacks on the hike.  If you forget snack-we bring graham crackers for the kids who don't have snack.

Just a reminder.....Please try to be on time to pick up your children.  We need our time after TOP to prepare for the next day.  Thank you!

We are going to be announcing a day soon for a Parent Day!  Please keep tuned.  It will be a day that parents are invited to join us as we have circle time, hike time and lunch.   

Also-Parks and Recreation has been getting inquiries for people who want to sign up for TOP. Don't forget to sign up before TOP goes out to everyone.  Sign up before March 8th!

See you next week!

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